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Fated Meeting

Fated Meeting published on 9 Comments on Fated Meeting

Hi, everyone, it’s been quite the year so far, I want to apologize for being late each time, RL things are keeping me from doing my work. I’m moving currently and I’m out of internet (and TV) at this moment. I also got a pile of debt – of course, Patreon went down, we lost a lot of patrons. So I have Ko-Fi. I would love it, if I get a ‘Thank You’ because I really put my heart and soul into these pages and now I have rent to pay, food, etc. So please share my Patreon – I will be more active the 5th of July and I will work on sketches. Because I got caught into a huge debt that has to be paid by November, like I said, each help is needed.

As you can see, Kaipo and Kamose have a little change in their fur pattern, due to publishing. Gradients don’t publish well as normal markings. So when I’ll be working, I’ll be fixing these in the previous pages as well.

Thank you for reading. 

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Wow, very lovely art! I absolutely love your style. It’s gorgeous!
I’m very saddened that there’s only 21 pages if you count the art page on the previous page. When starting up a new comic you should release a minimum of about 100 pages completed at-least to get the readers really hooked and interested and then have about another additional 50-100 pages completed ahead of time when you release your comic for weekly updates so that you aren’t behind on weekly updates when you get sick or are too busy to make a new page. A lot of artists struggle with the up-keep of a new comic because they haven’t taken the time to pre-make their comic pages, or graphic novel pages if you will but this method ensures that you have some breather room to fall back on and always keep up with releases so that you do not feel the anxiety of struggling to always release a page or so per week. You don’t have to take my a advice of course, it’s just a helpful recommendation if you’re looking to be professional with your comic because your art is DEFINITELY professional quality! Well done! I truly hope to see more!

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